Congratulations to MCIP Ph.D. student. Monty Blencowe, (Xia Yang Lab) for receiving a prestigious two-year Predoctoral Fellowship award from the American Heart Association for his research!

April 30, 2021/by gracea

Congratulations to Professor Mark Frye and his lab (Ben J Hardcastle, Jaison J Omoto, Pratyush Kandimalla, Bao-Chau M Nguyen, Mehmet F Keleş and Natalie K Boyd) along with MCDB Professor, Volker Hartenstein for their recent publication!

April 30, 2021/by gracea

Professor Xia Yang featured in UCLA Newsroom

April 30, 2021/by gracea

Congratulations to Professor Amy Rowat for being the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award for Senate Faculty- Distinction in Undergraduate Research Mentorship!

April 19, 2021/by gracea

Distinguished Research Professor Peter Narins interviewed in Smithsonian Magazine in an article titled, “This Frog’s Lungs Work Like Noise-Cancelling Headphones”

April 19, 2021/by gracea

Congratulations to Professor Stephanie Correa and Professor Xia Yang for their collaboration paper published in eLife, titled, “Estrogen receptor alpha in the brain mediates tamoxifen-induced changes in physiology in mice.”

March 30, 2021/by gracea

Congratulations to Dr. Leonila Lagunes for being awarded the prestigious UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship!

March 1, 2021/by gracea

Congratulations to Professor Xia Yang for receiving a grant from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International for her research!

February 18, 2021/by gracea

UCLA Life Sciences Kicks Off a New Lecture Series Called “Let’s Talk Science: Sleep, the Brain, and Human Health from Adolescents to Adults” on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 @ 5:30 p.m. PST

February 5, 2021/by gracea

Congratulations to Professor Xinshu (Grace) Xiao and her lab along with the @CCheng lab for their recent publication in Genome Biology!

November 3, 2020/by gracea

Congratulations to Professor David Glanzman for his research which appears in the Society for Neuroscience’s online magazine, BrainFacts!

November 3, 2020/by gracea

The Life Sciences Division at UCLA has an open rank faculty position available!

October 23, 2020/by gracea
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