Updated on Apr 22, 2016 with Raser v0.521.

What is RASER?

RASER is a short-read aligner with high accuracy, suitable for applications where SNPs, RNA editing sites or other types of small variants are sought after in RNA-Seq data sets.

System requirement

Currently RASER supports Linux 64bit (Ubuntu, Red Hat, SUSE and others) system.

At least 12GB of memory is required for human data sets.

Download RASER

Download public_release_v0.521.tar.gz,

Download index files for human genome and transcriptome

Hg19 index file can be downloaded here: hg19.ridx.

Hg19 + Ensembl transcriptome index file can be downloaded here: hg19_ensembl.ridx.

Refer to the manual for instructions on generating index files of any genomes and/or transcriptomes.


Required applications to compile RASER are 'g++' and 'make'.

(1) Uncompress raser_v*.tar.gz

(2) Go to uncompressed raser directory, and compile it by running


(3) If successfully compiled, you can find two binary files, 'raser' and 'raserIdx'.

A complete user manual can be downloaded here: RASER_manual_0.52.pdf.

An example data set and its mapping result by RASER is included here: toy_example.zip

A paper describing RASER is under review.

Contact: jaegyoonahn _a t_ gmail.com

               gxxiao _a t_ ucla.edu


Reads Aligner for SNPs and Editing sites of RNA