Alan Garfinkel


phone:  310-206-8651

office:  1121 Terasaki

research interests:  mathematical modeling of electrophysiology

Research Interests

Research Interests: Mathematical modeling of cellular and tissue electrophysiology. Analysis of data from experimental and clinical arrhythmias using techniques of nonlinear dynamics ("chaos theory"). Development of pharmacologic and electrophysiologic interventions to prevent or control arrhythmias.

Selected Publications

Garfinkel A, Tintut Y, Petrasek D, Bostrom K and Demer LL, "Pattern formation by vascular mesenchymal cells", Proc Natl. Acad Sci (US), 101(25) : 9247-50 (2004) .

S. Port, L. Demer, R. Jennrich, D. Walter and A. Garfinkel, "Systolic blood pressure and mortality", The Lancet, 355 : 175-80 (2000) .

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Z. Qu, F. Xie, and A. Garfinkel, "Diffusion-induced vortex filament instability in 3-Dimensional excitable media", Phys. Rev. Lett, 2668-2671 (1999) .

P Krogstad, C Uittenbogaart, R Dickover, YJ Bryson, S Plaeger and A Garfinkel, "Primary HIV infection of infants: the effects of somatic growth on lymphocyte and virus dynamics", Clinical Immunology, 92 : 25-3 (1999) .

Z Qu, J N Weiss, A Garfinkel., "Cardiac restitution properties and the stability of reentrant spiral waves: a simulation study", Am. J. Physiol, 276 : H269-H283 (and cover) (1999) .

Alan Garfinkel, Peng S. Chen, Donald O. Walter, Hrayr S. Karagueuzian, Boris Kogan, Steven J. Evans, Mikhail Karpoukhin, Chun Hwang, Takumi Uchida, Masamichi Gotoh, Obi Nwasokwa, Philip Sager and James N. Weiss, "Quasiperiodicity and chaos in cardiac fibrillation", J. Clin. Inv, 99 : 305-314 (and cover) (1997) .

A. Garfinkel, M.L. Spano, W.L. Ditto and J.N. Weiss, "Controlling cardiac chaos", Science, 57 : 1230-1235 (1992) .