Jim Barnard

email:  jbarnard@physci.ucla.edu

phone:  (310)825-3794

fax:  (310)206-9184

office:  4303A LS

research interests:  The role of diet and exercise in the prevention and control of degenerative diseases.

Research Interests

I am primarily interested in studying adaptations associated with exercise and diet that might explain their protective effects. My major areas of interest at the present time include the value of diet and exercise as preventive measures for heart disease and cancer. Studies in my laboratory range from the molecular level to the whole organism. Most of the research focuses on changes in serum factors following diet and/or exercise intervention and their impact on cells grown in culture. We also use normal and transgenic mice for diet experiments related to cancer. I have been studying diet and exercise for over 40 years and am convinced that most of the health problems seen in the U.S. and other industrialized countries are the result of poor diet, a lack of regular exercise and exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Selected Publications

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